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All that running rage

So, little marathon training update for everyone - this week I smashed my first 7 miler. Which for someone who couldn't run 4 metres in October without getting a stitch felt pretty fecking remarkable to tell you the truth. But obviously over the course of an hour and a half (yes, yes I ran for… Continue reading All that running rage

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Anxiety & traffic issues: a correllation

SHE'S FINALLY CRACKED. The cries of each of you opening this post. But hear me out. Often people ask what anxiety feels like, how do you explain it, when do you know it's what you've got. The way I've always described it? My brain is like a motorway. A really shitty journey on the M3,… Continue reading Anxiety & traffic issues: a correllation

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The things they forget to tell you about running before you start.

So, obviously we know the reasons for me joining up for the marathon were; a) rash, to say the least. b) the product of quite a lot of wine. However, I didn't really consider how ill prepared I was for this whole running malarky. So if anyone's reading this that's about to embark on a… Continue reading The things they forget to tell you about running before you start.

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Style over substance (s)

I don't do new year's resolutions.   What's the point? Setting restrictions on yourself that make you just want to reach for the bottle or the cake more than you would have done normally. Set goals for yourself that are often massively unrealistic and only set you up for a fall and a 70 quid… Continue reading Style over substance (s)

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I’m running the bloody marathon

Yep, you heard it hear first. Me - Little Miss Turn Up At The Gym And Fuck About With Some Weights Sometimes - is running the bloody London Marathon. No, before you ask, I'm not an avid runner. I ran a 5k about 8 years ago and I trained for that by walking round Crystal… Continue reading I’m running the bloody marathon