Running the bloody Marathon

Gah, I’m the size of a whale!



Yeah, it’s all fun, giggles and hiccups until you wake up the day after Boxing Day & even your comfiest pyjamas don’t fit.

Are you also getting that thing, where you feel like you can feel your belly flop a bit when you sit down? Yeah I’m fit, and what?!

It’s fair to say I did a champion job of eating this Christmas. When I say Christmas I mean December. When I say December, I mean I basically haven’t stopped since Halloween. But hey. It’s over now. And I’m ripped rearing ready to go to get my body back to somewhere where it used to be!

How?! I hear you scream.

Well, I tell you what I’m not going to do, that’s for damn sure. Wait until January 1st. Or January 4th as on January 1st we’ll all be hungover and miserable and the gym will be shut because it’s bank holiday so we’ll just give up before we’ve started.

I started yesterday, that’s what I did.

And if you’re hoping to shift that holiday weight, here’s a few tips from a rather rotund Lady London to help you get on your way.

  • Get your bum to a decent sized supermarket. And pronto. Stock up on some essentials for the week, and plenty of veg, and cook yourself some decent meals on these ‘lull’ days. Avoid carrying on the binge if you can help it.
  • Get yourself up the gym tomorrow. You might only get one or two work outs in between now & New Year but it’s better than none. & it will mean you start the new year having already had a kick up the bum. (I need to stop saying bum)
  • Spend wisely in the sales. Do you actually need a new pair of 8inch boots that will kill you the minute you put them on? No. Go to the sports shop. Invest in some new gym kit with your Christmas money. I mean, if you’re gonna go, might as well be looking half fly.
  • Chuck your scales out with the crap presents your Aunty Glenda bought you. Weigh yourself and you’ll enter the stage of self loathing, which more often than not leads to you buying pizza. Don’t weigh yourself until the end of January (if you have to at all). Give yourself half a damn chance!

I’m off to cook myself some kind of stirfry.

And have a row with the white chocolate snow dog that seems to just keep starting at me from the other side of the living room.

Little bastard.

LL x

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