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Claiming your body back

C'mon. It's common right? You do really well on the ol' fitness shit. You loose a fair bit of weight, you feel like a fantabulous version of you. You think you can conquer the world with your new pert bum. Then you take your foot off your gas. You may well have spent 6 months… Continue reading Claiming your body back

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Gah, I’m the size of a whale!

Ho.Ho.Ho. Yeah, it's all fun, giggles and hiccups until you wake up the day after Boxing Day & even your comfiest pyjamas don't fit. Are you also getting that thing, where you feel like you can feel your belly flop a bit when you sit down? Yeah I'm fit, and what?! It's fair to say I… Continue reading Gah, I’m the size of a whale!