Are we depressed, or is it just Sunday night?

Because, to be honest, if I hear one more person say ‘god, I just get so depressed at the end of the weekend’, when in essence they’ve just got the hump that nothing decent is on after Dancing On Ice, I might go mad.

More mad than I am.

And if I hear one more person say, ‘god, she’s just so bi-polar’, about the woman at work, who is actually well with in her rights to loose her shit when you eat her yoghurt. Or cite their ‘OCD’ for loving matching stationery from Paperchase, I might punch a wall.

So, in a bid to draw the line in the sand between actual debilitating mental health problems, and just liking using the words, I thought we could do a little checklist for tonight.

To see if we are in fact depressed, or it is just Sunday night.

Feeling a little bit twitchy, because you woke up so hungover that you’ve not done anything of note all day and as 7pm rolls round you’ve got the guilts on?


Feeling a twitchy because you’re a bit scared about quite how dark your thoughts got over brunch, and even for you this is a new kind of low?


Feeling a bit anxious because you had a one night stand last night with a bloke who’s name you’re pretty sure wasn’t actually Rob, that you know you’re probably going to really fucking regret come Wednesday?


Feeling an empty pit of crushing loneliness in your stomach despite having a partner who loves you, a family who cares and friends that you see often?


Feeling a little bit sad that tomorrow is another day of sitting in an office that’s a bit bleak, doing a job you stopped enjoying a good 15 months ago, sitting on a bank of desks with a woman who’s feet you can smell whenever she puts her personal heater on?


Not even feeling sad, just not really feeling anything, ever?


Feeling anxious because you’ve got a midday deadline tomorrow that you know you’ll miss because you spent all of Friday sending ‘countdown to the pub’ memes to the bloke in Facilities?


Feeling anxious because you’ve been convinced for a few months that everyone thinks your worthless and are talking about that fact behind your back?


Laying awake until way past your bedtime because a) you got up late, because it’s Sunday, and the most action that’s been completed today was reaching over to your laptop to order an ugly amount of Chinese food or b) last night’s chang is still making it’s way out of your system?


Not remembering the last time you slept ‘normally’ because you alternate between not waking up for 14 hours to restlessly tossing and turning through nothing but the feeling of impending dread?



LL x




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