All that running rage

So, little marathon training update for everyone – this week I smashed my first 7 miler.

Which for someone who couldn’t run 4 metres in October without getting a stitch felt pretty fecking remarkable to tell you the truth.

But obviously over the course of an hour and a half (yes, yes I ran for a full 90 minutes through choice), one’s mind does tend to wander. To what work needs doing tomorrow, what to have for your dinner, but also how many things proper rage you when you’re running.

You know, like cramp.

And how it always chooses the most inappropriate of times to rear it’s ugly head. Like just when you’ve run out of fluids in your bottle. Or when you’re half way through a power ballad and you’re impersonating someone running through an 80’s music video, and you can physically feel the wind flowing into your non-existent bellowing white puffy shirt Bonny Tyler style. But the cramp makes you realise you’re in fact just panting through Croydon.

Or when you take a wrong turning.

And get super lost. And have to do a mini jog on the spot whilst you try and get signal on your phone to fire up a map. And also avoid looking like an absolute tosser by running back the way you just came.

Or when you totally underestimate how long a run’s going to take you.

When you’re still new to this whole running lark and think you can get from Kings Cross to Clapham in the same time it would take you on the tube. So you just get home super after the time you thought, super hungry and super late for the plans your rashly made for the same evening.

But mainly, just pedestrians.

Ones that walk slowly, ones that have the audacity to commute when you’re trying to run free and like the wind.

But worst of all the ones that look at their phone and walk into your path. And the ones that just stop sharp in front of you cos they’re looking for their poxy uber and you run straight up their back.

Those are the worst.


I’m running the London Marathon for the Alzheimer’s Society

Read my story over at


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