The things they forget to tell you about running before you start.

So, obviously we know the reasons for me joining up for the marathon were;

a) rash, to say the least.
b) the product of quite a lot of wine.

However, I didn’t really consider how ill prepared I was for this whole running malarky. So if anyone’s reading this that’s about to embark on a running journey, I would suggest that not only do you consider it more than I did, I would also take the following points on board;

  1. The hunger is real. Like, people tell you that you’ll feel hungry all the time and you won’t believe them, but trust me if you’re running 8ish miles a week, you’ll start looking at your friends when they’re mid chat and imagining that they’re head is a chicken kebab. True story.
  2. But if you eat crap, you’ll pay for it. Honestly, I got all blasé this week and ate a sodium filled Wasabi lunch because, hey I’m running now so eating a man sized dinner for lunch is totally allowed. I went running 4 hours later and got a mile in before my right leg gave way to the worst cramp I’ve ever known. Shocker.
  3. Your body will do amazing things. In October I went for run and had to stop after 4 minutes and walk a while because I was so out of breath. In the middle of November I ran 10k and only stopped twice. Apparently practice really does work. Who’d have thunk it.
  4. Everywhere you go you’ll look for pavements. So you can run there. Because that’s all you think about now.
  5. You take on the same amount as fluid as a woman who’s 8 months pregnant. You’ll need coffee to wake up your aching joints, and water to keep your muscles from dying and then some sort of sports drink so you look like you know what you’re doing. The loo trips are relentless.
  6. And if you don’t take on enough fluid you’ll wake up the morning after a run with a hangover. But rather than several pints in your favourite boozer, you would have run 4 miles so the headache and dry mouth feels REALLY UNFAIR. Really.
  7. Don’t listen to music. Because every time an empowering number comes on you’ll run like you’re Rocky and nobody needs to be doing that. The lycra makes you you look like enough of a twat.
  8. Listen to podcasts. Cos while you’re, you know becoming superwoman, you can also become madly well informed on everything. And the world of podcasts is almost as exciting as the world of running and it’s all just SO GOOD.
  9. It hurts. Like really fucking hurts.
  10. But when you break through it and your legs stop aching and you’re flying, it’s literally euphoric.

LL x

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