2018 Trend Alert: Living A Nan Life

Now, if like me you’re sitting there this new year having reached your late twenties with a spattering of good years of partying, boozing, doing things you really shouldn’t do under your belt.

Me? My party days started young. 17/18, tearing through any club that would have me. From Croydon to Charing Cross, I was a living, breathing happy hour.

I’ve fallen out of piano bars on Tuesday nights, hosted dancing lessons with strangers (and my mate Siouxsie) in Madam JoJo’s on Wednesdays. Thursdays. Sundays. Lunchtimes. The lot.

This festive period just gone is the first one since my partying career began that I haven’t been half cut and in something glittery from November 30th straight through to New Year. Because it was Christmas, so therefore I felt obliged to go everywhere, drink everything and dance on every table.

And you know what? Not having a festive season like those before me felt smashing.

And you know why? Because I’ve adopted a new trend.


And I’m super happy about it.

I’m old enough and confident enough to not got severe FOMO if I avoid mid week work drinks or bottles of vino with the girls on a Thursday. I’m also old enough and tired enough of pissing all my money up the wall on cabs and cigarettes and feeling like my legs are made out of cotton wool when I wake up the next day. I also like being in my flat. And spending my money on expensive candles, and throws, and bedding. I like being sober enough to read a book before bed and be in for enough time to actually cook a dinner that isn’t fish finger based.

But, what else constitutes “Nan Life” I hear you cry?

Well, sit down kids, you’re in for a life changing ride here I tell you;


  1. Embracing and returning home from social plans in time to watch ITV or BBC dramas in real time on the television. Having no shame in doing this.
  2. Following Eastenders. Avidly.
  3. Taking up some sort of craft. That you normally do whilst watching Eastenders.
  4. Not going ‘into town’ on the weekends. Because days that start with ‘S’ should solely be taken in the postcode in which you reside.
  5. Being enraged at how much you used to spend in Sainsbury’s Local for convenience. Now you’ve so much time on your hands because you’ve stopped leaving your house, Nan Life centres around shopping in Lidl’s and Aldi’s and affording nicer holidays and not having to stay in hostels when you leave the country.
  6. Having a large selection of ‘indoor’ socks. Mainly cable knitted, often with pom poms, sometimes put on the radiator whilst you’re in the shower for added cosiness.
  7. Cooking from scratch. Like actually making your own pasta sauces. Life altering.
  8. Taking lunch from home to work. Because you have the time in your life to batch cook. And the amount a Pret sandwich costs you pisses you right off.
  9. Genuinely preferring a drink from you ever growing selection of teas instead of canning two bottles of red.
  10. Developing a taste for gin & tonic. Like a real taste. The drink of sofa based champions.
  11. Not really every ‘lying in’ anymore. Because you’ve already been asleep for 8 hours come 8.30am on a Saturday and let’s be honest – you don’t want to feel like you’re wasting your day now, do you.
  12. Having more indoor clothes than actual real-life-suitable-for-the-outside-world clothes.
  13. Reading before bed. No phone, no televisions, at best a little bitta DAB radio on in the background. So fucking zen.
  14. Candles. For days.
  15. Blankets. For days.
  16. A real sense of inner contentment and a removal of booze and exhaustion induced self loathing that can be so apparent in a party-hard-sleep-little 24 year old.

Embrace #nanlife with me this January & share the blankety, well cooked, homely goodness.

LL x


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