A New Year’s message: the shit that can stay in 2017

So it could have been one of those posts where I go on about what an amazing year it’s been, how grateful I feel, how happy I am in my body …. blah blah blah.

And whilst it has been great, whilst I do feel very lucky and whilst I still struggle to get into skinny jeans, there are certain things that still need to be left behind in what, on the whole, has been a pretty special year but one that hasn’t been without it’s challenges.

There are lessons that should to be learnt from those that we’ve sadly lost. Those that embraced life, were kind and were taken far too soon. #teamguard.

So here’s a mixture of things that we should leave in 2017.

Not being kind. 

You don’t know what shit people are dealing with when they get home.

So before writing them off, take a step back and be a bit kinder. Maybe that guy in front of you outside the station is walking so slowly because he’s baby kept him up all night and he’s knackered. Maybe that woman at work snapped because she had a massive row with her girlfriend last night and she’s feeling pretty crap about it.

Not always. Some people are actual dickheads.

But give them the benefit of the doubt. For a while, anyway.

Sharing photos of your nail varnish on social media. 

Literally nobody cares. Spend that 5 minutes it took to take said photo, filter said photo and hashtag said photo doing something meaningful.

Like being mindful. Or reading a short poem.

Or staring at a fucking wall.

Not getting enough sleep. 

Surviving on 4 hours a night during the week because you’ve been on the sauce or working til silly am and then attempting to binge sleep over the weekend.

Literally a one way ticket to a breakdown. Trust.

Little self belief. 

As my Grandad used to say – ‘there’s no such word as can’t’. You literally can do most things you put your mind too.

And if you’re unsure, remember that 8 weeks ago I could barely run to the bottom of the road. I WILL run the marathon in April. And if I can achieve that small miracle, you can own getting a new job etc.

No such word as can’t. 


Because I ‘m bored of having milliseconds of my day filmed and shared with the world without me signing a waiver. Please, stop looking at the world around you through a screen, but look at it with your own eyes, with no filter and enjoy it.

Don’t film it, to maybe enjoy at some other point during the next 24 hours. Please. Enough is enough.

Also, that dog filter makes me want to punch a wall. Side note.

People that don’t ask you how you are back. 

Now – I’m all about the kindness in 2018 but wow, I asked you how work was 3 bottles of wine ago. And I still haven’t opened by mouth.

2018 is not the place for the selfish.

It’s the time for sharing. And being there for one another. And removing those that don’t do your mental health any favours.


Drinking on a Tuesday. 

Not big.

Not clever.

Being too skint to go to that exhibition/show 

Mainly because you’ve been boozing on a Tuesday for a good long while.

2017 should be the year that we stopped pissing our money up the wall, spending it on Ubers and twenty decks and regret hangovers.

Instead we should spend our money on things we can experience. Things we’ll remember. Things that will make us think.

But not things we feel obliged to put on Snapchat….cos….enough.

& lastly but most importantly.

Weinstein Culture 

Just because you have a knob, doesn’t make you more powerful or more controlling than I. So please leave your archaic beliefs somewhere where we are not.

And ladies, please be mindful of ‘me too’-ing and hashtagging. Those that have spoken out have suffered truly awful things at the hands of monsters.

We must not blur the lines and dilute the severity of what they have experienced in order to join in with a trending hashtag. An unwanted text message is not assault.

Please. This is serious.

Let’s be good next year. Aware. Kind.
And have one to really remember.
Not in a haze or just from your camera roll.

Try and really, properly enjoy it.


LL x




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