10 things working class people just don’t get

So the 10 things I hate about….series needed to be refined. As much as I’m an aggy warrior, there just didn’t seem to be enough that I wanted to spew about on here.

So it’s now just ’10 things’. A little mini series to get you through the commute.

This week – 10 things working class people just don’t get.

Like how do you say it?
Do you say keenwaaa or kinowa or do you go for a ‘that middle class rice shit’ and get yourself bang out of trouble that way?
Posh people that comment on how posh other posh people are. 
‘Crikey, ol’ Johnny Boy was rather posh wasn’t he?’.
Mate, you just used the world ‘rather’ to quantify something and not ‘mega’, ‘nuff’, ‘bare’ or ‘well’.
That makes you the posh one.
And makes me somewhere about 400 metres away from you.
People that brag about living in Clapham. 
You’re in spitting distance of a category C prison and your high street’s home to Inferno’s – home of the sticky carpet and the Smirnoff Ice snog.
Take your artisan bakery and do one.
Signet rings 
Cos the cable knit sweater around your shoulders wasn’t confirmation enough for me that you had 3 ponys and a butler growing up.
And other words that could easily be replaced with the word ‘so’ and alike.
Why you going to willing chuck yourself down a mountain of ice?

Why you not just going on a cheeky all inclusive number to the Canaries?

Aperol Spritz 

And why you all pretend you actually like it? When you know that it’s making you squint and long for a pint of something normal.

Why people don’t just say ‘the paper’. 

Why you’ve always got to quote exactly what high brow publication it is you saw that article in.

Just say you read it in the paper. Like a normal person.

Drawing rooms

So it’s a room with chairs in it? But all the furniture isn’t pointing towards the tele?

So what is it you do in here exactly?

I’m confused.

People that grew up with a dining room

And I mean proper dining room. Not a pull out table in the corner that your Mum made you get out some Sunday’s.



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