The bits of the internet that annoy me the most

I mean, I understand the fact that bits of it are useful.

You know, not having to put an actual Yellow Pages in your handbag any more is fine

And not having to lug round six packs of AA batteries for your Walkman is alright.

But despite all of that there are still bits of the internet that seriously piss me off.

So just wanted to tell you about them, init.
The use of the phrase ‘spirit animal’. 

Like, ohemgee unicorns are basically my spirit animal and now there’s an emoji for a unicorn I’m like loosing my shit on instagram. Here’s some more pictures of unicorns.

Fuck off with your spirit animals already.

Tell you are my spirit animals.

Mr Bingo – he legitimately gets paid to swear at strangers.

Rob Beckett – seriously, just watch him get pissed for his actual job. Genius.

Facebook videos.

Because one minute you’re an intelligent twenty something with a good job and a place of your own.

And the next minute you’re watching a video of someone plaiting someone else’s hair. And it takes literally six minutes of your life away from you.

Transformation photos

That have so massively been doctored to basically make you feel like even if you were to eat nothing but keeenwaaaaaa for a month, you’d still be an elephant compared to this girl who appears to have put make up on her stomach.

Leave it out.

Keyboard warriors.

You know them people that are really quick to rip you a metaphorical new one on your Facebook comments because they don’t agree with the fact you’ve got liberal views and don’t hate people that aren’t white.

But when you bump into them in a pub they pretend like you didn’t once work together.




The word bae.

Unless used purely to take the piss.

As in, ‘night in with bae’ when you are literally taking a picture of you sitting in the dark on your own with a tub of peanut butter.

LL x



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