Turtle Bay comes to The Cronx

Caribbean food & rum lovers rejoice.

Turtle Bay has moved into Croydon.

I was invited along to the press launch earlier this week, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s good.

I ate so much food I needed to pretty much be wheeled out of there in a barrow and the cocktails were lip smackers.

But mainly.

It felt clean.

Not just the environment (obvs) but the grub.

Clean and bloody well cooked jerk, tender curry goat and dumplings that weren’t greasy. It didn’t feel naughty.

Just nice.

& to top it all off, Laura even said the jerk was up there with her Mum’s. Which is saying something as nothing in the world is ever as good as Mummy Laura’s jerk.

The staff are wicked and know they bloody know their stuff about rum.

And a little insider for you… just for Turtle Bay, Croydon they’ve devised a new off menu cocktail.

The Kate Moss.

If you’re in the know, ask for one at the bar.

Honestly, it was to DIE FOR.




Turtle Bay opens this Sunday. Go & feast




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