Excerpts from a modern love story…

‘…and there he was before me. All seven very well filtered photos of him…’

‘…our first date was like no other. We got shitfaced, moaned about our jobs and had a snog outside the train station….’

‘…our eyes locked in a coffee shop queue.  And I shat myself . We’d been speaking on Happn and I’d got drunk last week and sent him a picture of my tits…’

‘…my heart skipped a bit when I realised she actually looked like her Tinder pictures…’

‘…I knew we would go the distance, the first time he ended a text with a double xx…’

‘…the night we first made love something changed within me. I knew she was better than the rest of the girls I’d slept with. 
That week…’

‘…we kissed goodbye at the train station after spending a night of unbridled passion, tangled in each other. He said he would call me later and off I skipped filled with anticiaption. I waited and I waited.

He came online, he went offline, and then I never heard from him again…’

‘…we just clicked, you know. I mean I knew we would. Because the internet told us we had so much in common…’

‘…then there was that time he came round to Netflix & Chill. And he stayed for breakfast. And I knew then it was getting serious…’ 

‘..the day came that I realised that I preferred sitting on my sofa looking at my phone next to her then I did anyone else…’

‘She put us in a relationship on Facebook.
When we hadn’t had ‘the chat’.
I locked it off there & then’.




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