My 2017 message

I know, right. It’s like Queenie on Christmas Day.

But here’s just a little note from me, to wish you a happy new year. To say thanks for the love for the rambles over the last twelve months, and to say I hope it’s a good’un.

I know that technically today is just another day, it’s ‘just like any other Sunday’, but if you need an excuse to shake things up a bit, start afresh, or do something new than what better day to give it a go.

If I learnt one thing in 2016, it was how shitty it feels to wait around. Waiting on others to make up their mind. Waiting on results. Waiting on news. Waiting for something magical to plop in your lap.

So in 2017, please don’t wait.

If you’re unsure how he feels about you, just ask. If you’re not sure where something’s going, find out. If you want to change your job, then do. Because trust me, the last thing you’ll want to do on New Year’s Eve next year is sit there and feel like you’ve wasted your time.

Wasted your time on a job, on a plan that never came off, on a bloke that couldn’t make up his mind.

Just grab whatever it is, whoever it is, shake it and don’t hang about.

Go into the new year with your head held high, go into the new year liking all of your good bits, and accepting all the wobbly little bits.

Don’t walk into it thinking you need to change a lot about yourself. Enhancements are fine. Additions are great. But full blown change aint the answer.

Be sure of yourself.

Expect good things to happen, not bad.

Laugh hard, eat well and say ‘yes’ some more.

Get away, get some sea air into your lungs. Spend a day every now again with nothing more than your favourite person in the world. No phones, no TV. Just you.

I hope that your 2017 is calm. I hope that it’s happy. I hope that at some point, no matter how small, something really magic happens for you.

There wasn’t enough magic last year.

So here’s to a good one.


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