Beautiful Cornwall

I’ve not done an image filled post before, but the weekend I’ve just had warrants it.

6 mates. 1 stunning beach side cottage. 1 epic bike ride. 1 even epic-er hike through the rocky coastline. Far too many bottles of wine and even more cheese.

We’re all stupidly busy and finding a weekend when we were all free wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but we pinned each other down, booked a truly beautiful AirBnb and took a convoy of Fiat 500’s to Bude in Cornwall.

The views, the fresh air and the pints of Rattler cider were enough to make me want to go back again next week. But the company, the cottage and Cornish tea on the edge of a cliff really sealed the deal.

We had a wood burner, we had each other and we had plenty of red wine and the weekend was one word. Delightful.

Here’s the snaps. And incase you ever needed more of an excuse to leave London for a long weekend, here’s some.

To beautiful Cornwall. Thank you x



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