Lady London is 100


To be honest, I feel about 100 most mornings, but alas it is not I that is 100.

But the blog.

The blog is 100 posts old.

100 posts of me wittering on, moaning, listing and genuinely ranting in a vague attempt at making someone somewhere mildly chuckle.


I’ve just checked and since moving onto the WordPress site one year ago….one small year ago…my site has been viewed 65,000 times.

So this is a little blog of thanks.

At 1,000 views I kinda thought my Mum and my mates where just refreshing their screens to help me out.

At 5,000 I kinda thought that maybe people on Facebook were starting to like what I wrote.

But when 25,000 individual people read my post about Tiger Tiger in January, and shared it on social media 8,000 times I kinda realised I didn’t have that many mates and strangers were reading it.

People at work began forwarding me my own posts to read and once I stood behind a bloke on the train who was reading some of my rambles.

I know it’s still small fry but it’s my small fry and for making it tick along I want to say cheers.

This week also marks a year since the Metro went ‘alright, we’ll give you a go’, and my little words went nationwide.

This is a good week.

So watch this space.

It’s been a bit quiet on the Western front of late but that doesn’t mean to say I haven’t been beavering away.

ol’ is going to go through a little bit of a overhaul and the Blog Book….yes, you heard, the Blog Book will be landing, in editions, starting in September.

I’m hoping for it to be bigger, and better, and something more and more of you will keep coming back to read.

But for the time being, cheers.

And to keep you entertained, here’s some of the best bits…just incase you’d missed one.


The One Where I Wished I Was In Friends 

The One When I Joked So Hard About Being Single Then Got A Boyfriend In A Week

The One When I Trended On Metro Above The Chuckle Brothers For Two Whole Days

The One Where Croydon Went Nuts & My Local Pub Loved Me

The One Where I Called Out Southern Rail 

& last but not least

The One Where Carol Voderman Tweeted Me. 




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