Honestr : The New Dating App. #2

So you remember last year when I wrote that blog about how different things would be if we were forced to be honest when online dating? You know, when I said I wanted to develop a new app called Honestr? Well here it is…


Anyway, it dawned on me that there was one question I didn’t quite cover in enough depth.

The question we all get asked a million times over.

“So, what you looking for?”

I’m pretty sure 85% of the guys on these apps would quite like a response similar to “a quick bunk up and a bacon sarnie” but I thought it was about time I supplied you with a Honestr answer. 

And dare you all to be this brutally honest next time you’re asked.

“What you looking for then babes?” Says Jamie, 27, from New Cross.

“Well” says Jo, 27, from Croydon “honestly, here’s my not completely exhaustive list” 

1. I’d quite like to meet someone that is completely open to and willing to dance round my kitchen to the Prince Greatest Hits on a semi regular basis.

2. A relationship that is quite heavily centred around the savage piss taking of one another.

3. A bloke that is quite open to having to sleep between old towels once a week when I’ve fake tanned. And is kind of OK to waking up next to someone who smells like biscuits once a week.

4. Someone who will turn a complete blind eye to the amount of hummus I eat in any given week.

5. A man who will not challenge the fact that, when driving, I turn into a really angry version of Adele.

6. Someone who will have an equal level of love for British gangster films and not tell me that it’s a bit “blokey”.

7. In a similar vein, someone that’s ok with the fact that I love a pint.

8. In a very similar vein, someone who’s ok with the fact that I probably won’t even wear heels at our wedding. 

9. To meet someone that’s fine with the fact that when I wake up I often look like Bam Bam from the Flinstones.

10. But most importantly someone who is perfectly capable of having just a good a night at a 5 course fine dining experience as they would be getting mistake drunk on a Saturday afternoon in Weatherspoons.

So, in short Jamie, not a great deal. You? Bunk up and a bacon bap? 

Thought so.



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