Let’s go back to 2006

When the living was easy.

I’m kidding.

But I’m kind of not.

Remember when you were seeing someone in 2006, and you’d survive on just a few texts a night from each other because the incessant pain the arse that are instant messaging apps didn’t exist. And actually it was insane to think that you’d be in touch with someone all day everyday. Because, you know, you had jobs and shit. Let’s go back to that. When the texts were basically just there to make plans to meet. Not to forge some sort of weird ‘I fancy you but kind of just want a pen pal’ relationship.

Let’s go back to 2006 when, if you were single, that was actually OK. And not everyone you spoke to asked you about your love life before they asked you about you because online dating really wasn’t a thing and you couldn’t just pick up dates thrice weekly so people didn’t just expect that you’d be shagging around. And actually it was sometimes normal to go 2 months without going out with someone.

And when you did go out with someone, it was more normal. Because any mutual friends you had might of just come up in discussion, rather than on your phone, so you wouldn’t have been inclinded to stalk the living shit out of and pre judge the person you were due to spend a night in a pub with. Facebook wasn’t your default for getting to know someone. Face to face book was.

Let’s go back to 2006 when you weren’t required to be contactable 24 hours a day. I remember in those days, I actually used to turn my phone off at night and it absolutely never came out of my bag at work. Now, I feel odd if it’s not on my desk or I leave it for like a whole hour in case I come back to 105 new WhatsApp notifications and panic about the amount of admin required to keep up with it all.

Let’s go back to 2006 when I could only check my Facebook (if I had one) from home so it was kinda fine to not go on it for a couple of days without worrying that the world might implode if I hadn’t shared a bite by bite account of my well filtered dinner. Because I wasn’t rushing home to check it because, well, I was out doing stuff.

Or better still, the fact that only being able to check it from your home PC meant that you didn’t have to deal with people checking it when you were out with them and in the middle of a real-life actual conversation.

Let’s go back to 2006 when selfies weren’t really a thing. And it certainly wasn’t the done thing to send them to other people as a way of flirting with them. Because flirting consisted of talking to someone’s actual face and having an understanding of body language. And, you know, making someone laugh without relying on a gif.

Disclaimer: I’m really pleased gif’s came into our lives because they are the best.

Let’s go back to 2006 when we could explain how we felt without feeling like we needed to use an emoji to do it. What did we actually do before them fucking monkeys came along??

Let’s go back to 2006 and bin our phones for a while. And have a chat. And only photograph the important things and share those important things with the important people.

Not some kid you went to Primary school with who keeps on popping up on your feed.

Now that really could be decent excuse for a #throwbackthursday. *rolling eye emoji*






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