25 things you only know if you went to school in the 00’s


So in amongst shortened ties and a mild obsession with Sabrina The Teenage Witch, a lot of shit went down in the 00’s.

And if you were at school in the 00’s you will know so many of these things to be true.

  1. MSN was the centre of the universe.
    You longed for that bit of the night when your Mum didn’t need the phone anymore so you could ‘sign on’ and chat shit to the boy in the year above that would blank you in the flesh for a good six months.


    But HE NUDGED ME! http://www.theverge.com

  2. Your MSN status was the only place to convey any real emotion.
    Like, everyone needed to know how you were feeling with a well selected Usher lyric.
  3. Your D&T folder was the only place to express any kind of personality.
    If you had pictures of Slipknot on it, people expected you to grow a long dark fringe, emo out and allude to the fact you smoked shit loads of pot. If it had pictures of B2K and the Louis Vuitton logo on it, people expected you to be a bit of a slag. Let’s be real. I, for one, got Jack Moorcroft to graff on mine with his large selection of Sharpies. Cos, I was hood.


    I love ALL OF YOU

  4. You would spend hours trying to learn how to ‘heel toe’.
    Because if you couldn’t ‘heel toe’, your life was basically not worth living. You mean you still don’t know how to? Get out.

    heel toe gif

  5. There was a boy in your class who would organise raves to earn extra cash.
    You would go. They would get stormed by a gang of some sort (if you’re from Croydon it would have been Gipset) Someone would have got robbed. You’d all be home by ten. Scared shitless.
  6. There was always a girl in your year who flashed on webcam to someone on a Tuesday night after school.
    Nobody spoke to her by Thursday morning break.
  7. SIMS was life.
    And if you didn’t know the cheat to make them super rich & buy them all of the hot tubs, you were an absolute wasteman. #rosebud

    sims jepg

    Yes I have a favourite flooring, and what? http://www.amazon.com

  8. You always made your SIMS have sex.
    Because your dial up internet made accessing porn a real hardship.
  9. You understand the struggles of dial up internet.
    And how long Google Images used to take to load back in the day. Especially the ones that had boobs in
  10. You really feel that 8701 spoke to you on so many different levels.
    Confessions even more so, because by that age you were going through your first ever break up. True story: boy in my year split up with a girl once by texting her the lyrics from Confessions. In the days before free texts. Must have cost him like 40p.


    HE JUST GETS ME! usherworld.com

  11. Basically, Usher was everything. To everyone.
  12. Credit!
    You understand the struggles of having to survive on £10 credit for like a month.

  13. Sticky Back plastic played a massive role in your life.
    Because you needed to secure the pictures of Usher on your English Literature book.
  14. If you heard ‘Kick’ now…
    you’d almost definitely start looking round for your 3210.


    Remember when they remixed it to ‘Kick Riddim’. That was a great day. http://www.stuff.tv

  15. You understand the true agony of having to pick just ten text messages to keep on your phone.
  16. You’ve never known artistic talent like being able to draw a sexual act with characters from your keyboard on your shitty Nokia.

  17. Everything you know about sex came from watching MTV Base.
    Which is just great.

    mtv base

    So, all I’ve got to do in life is smack a bitch up? Great. pridemagazine.com

  18. You have early onset arthritis from years of playing Snake.
  19. These pencil cases tho….

    gul pencil case

    Imma gonna write all over this! http://www.ebay.ie

  20. Life has never been the same since you stopped using glittery gel pens to write EVERYTHING.
    Remember when they released the smelly ones? And you were like ‘Oh my god, my coursework smells like blueberries’.
  21. When the Ja Rule Pain is Love album was released, you saw a real upsurge in 15 year old boys trying to get laid.
  22. Likewise when So Solid Crew’s album was released you a saw a real upsurge in near death fights happening in your Sport’s Hall.
  23. You first got shitfaced on a peach Bacardi Breezer. And it was the worst.

    bacardi breezer

    Excuse me whilst I just go throw up something neon. justinne.BlogSpot.co.uk

  24. You actually had a MySpace. And you used it. What for? Still nobody knows.
  25. If you owned a CD burner on your old school PC you were a don.
    Because you basically made a killing reselling burnt copies of Pain is Love and 8701. Baller.

    ja rule

    Be my down ass, with your brown ass. Wikipedia.com

    LL x


How to spot he’s from Croydon

 So you know they say that Essex boys are all loafers & no socks? And that Geordie boys can be spotted a mile off from the hue of their fake tan.

Well Croydon boys may have a smaller square footage to claim, but boy do they have their very own tell tales.

So incase you were unsure, I’ve put together a little starter kit. So you can really tell if the boy’s Croydon through & through. 

For starters, if you ever meet his parents & go to their house there will be a picture up of him having eyebrows like this when he was a teenager #stripevibes


He’ll also have a hole in one or both of his ears from where he used to wear one of these. Unlike David Beckham, Croydon boys bought theirs at Elizabeth Duke #argoschic.

He will have spent his teenage years saving up enough money to buy a pair of these. Ask him if he ever played football in them. The answer will be “Fuck, No” TN’s were NOT for football.


He will have bought them from here

He probably owns one of these, even if he doesn’t wear it that often/anymore/ he realised after all these years it’s actually too big, it’s 100% in his cupboard.

And he owns about 17,000 of these in various colours. 

And when he’s going out out it will be like this. Cos yes I’m going out out so I will button my crisp white shirt up to the very top. Will I wear a tie? Will I fuck.


The trainer fixation didn’t stop at the TN’s, it continued well into adulthood.So his Instagram will look like this.

(NB; he will spend more money on trainers then he will ever spend on you) 

Let’s be honest, 90% of his wardrobe comes with this on it 
He’s been on about 70 dates here 

And pulled several a bird here 

He’ll often don his Air Max’s down here  on a football Saturday with the lads. All of the lads will be wearing a long sleeved polo. Fact

& when he’s had too much to drink on said Saturday you’ll see him walking home with one of these. Trying hard not to get any grease down his Barbour. Or on his TN’s. Or on the bird he just snogged in Lloyds & who he is now treating to a two piece & chips.