The boxsets that are guaranteed to get you through Janaury

It’s January! Everyone is skint beyond human recognition and we’re all attempting to stop drinking, smoking, eating, smiling….so there’s only one thing for it. Pyjamas. Clippers Hot Chocolate (erm hiya!) and all of the box sets we can lay our hands on. If I’m good at one thing, it’s binge watching TV, so here’s my recommendations to get you through this miserable bloody month.



Olivia Pope are her gang of Gladiators are back with Season 5. Following Kerry Washington’s impeccable Pope’s illicit affair with the President of the United States by night and her exquisite ability to ‘fix’ absolutely anybody’s problems by day. If you haven’t seen it from the start, get out of your cupboard of doom and settle down for a month of on-your-edge viewing. All seasons (including the most recent 5) are now available on Now TV. Go. GO NOW.



An oldie but a goodie. First aired in 2009, this detective drama sees Rupert Penry-Jones (centre) and his fellow sleuths solve murders that replicate historic crimes. It’s near genius and throws in a history lesson with each and every episode. And to be honest, Penry-Jones is a bit of a sort which makes viewing slightly more binge  worthy. ITV classic available on Now TV, and on ITV Player. Great for this dark miserable nights. Just be warned that you’ll get the real heebie jeebies if watching this alone.

the affair

The Affair.

Fair, this one takes two episodes to get into the swing of. Each episode tells the same story but from two different points of view (Noah’s Story & Alison’s Story) and depicts a love affair over one summer in sleepy Montauk, NY. Two episodes in and you’re gripped. For once, two British actors (you’ll know Noah from that Fred West ITV drama and Alison is none other than Alice from Luther…legend!) actually make you believe you are in the States and the way it’s filmed is super clever. Be warned, there’s a hellava lot of sex in it. Like, literally, everyone is at it. Now TV.



Keeping on the adultery theme (ahem)….this one really is for the girls. Sorry lads. Twists, turns and more illicit behaviour than you can shake an engagement ring at. 4 best friends, about 17,000 secrets, and all the American drama that makes us love this kind of stuff. I’m not even ashamed to say that I whacked this out in about 6 days. You thought Desperate Housewives was bad. This is Ad.Dic.Tive.

the killing

The Killing

Following the solution of various murderous crimes in Seattle, Washington, The Killing is actually based on a Danish series that stormed the Nordics a few years back. Defy anyone not to get gripped by Sarah Linden’s back story and not really fall for her rogue detective partner, Holden. It’s dark, really pretty dark in places, but it’s one of them ones where you realise it’s 2am on a Tuesday night and you’re still clicking ‘next episode’.

the take

The Take

4 part drama based on the Martina Cole novel of the same name. It does what it says on the tin, but does it brilliantly. Think of every crime you could think of, chuck a delectable Tom Hardy into the mix & a hellava lot of swearing and you’ve got yourself a hit. Following a family of small time crooks trying to make the big time in the 80’s with dramatic twists and turns every time Tom Hardy waves a gun. I’ve watched this more times than I care to admit. They’ve got the costumes spot on, the storyline nailed and you’re jumping out of your chair at every break let alone the end of every episode. Just checked and it’s still on Now TV. Quick!



Now, this is funny. Really bloody funny. Following the story of a one-week stand that ends up in a not so expected pregnancy, this Channel 4 series is a gem. The one liners are on point but it well and truly tugs at your heart strings in places. Little half hour episodes so perfect binge watching. To be honest, you could probably see the whole lot off on that one rainy Saturday the week before payday. On 4oD now… I got your back!



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