2015 – it’s a wrap 

So remember last year I did little wee montage of all pictures that summed what a shinkickingly good 2014 I’d had & I’m sure you all absolutely loved it.

Well, here we go again. Except less pictures, more words, less shinkickingly good (in parts just shin-kicking to tell you the truth)

It’s been a funny old year if I’m honest. A right royal rollercoaster.

So anyway here goes. Thank god!

Jan – April

To be fair it didn’t start off too shabz, truth be told. I entered the year with a new sense of ‘I’m not all bad’ and decided to make a move towards having a bit more get up & go about myself. I met a boy, who was a treat, and went hell for leather back into the world of semi-perma dating. Scary right! It was, but I needed it. Not needed a boy. (Pah. Do I need to sing Independent Women at you? ) But needed to know I could do it and not royally f it up. Well. More of that later. I can feel a story coming on.
Me & Jupp went to Disney land to say a fond farewell to our early twenties. What better way to celebrate turning 26 then eating candy floss on It’s A Small World…here we go. I know you all secretly wanted a picture of us in the ears. Shabang!


I actually turned 26. Which was petrifying and I didn’t enjoy it even slightly. Tell a lie. The night out was blinding….here we all are. This is the night we discovered the joys of Café Patron tequila. Which to be honest, as sad as it is, is up there on the highlights list because of the incredible decisions it led us all into making thereafter.

Me, 26, and standardly in a Jo Irwin issue jumpsuit. What else would I wear?


My May will go down in history. For none of the right reasons. Even Laura’s manager at work asks about ‘the girl that had the terrible May’. Want the run down? I’m going to make it funny. Cos well. It’s me. Now, take a deep breath. Because you need to read it and remember this all happened in 4 short weeks. 4 short, terrible weeks.
The aforementioned boy binned me on WhatsApp ( yep double blue ticked ditching –ouchy!) the week before we were due to go on a grown up mini break. Never did get that hotel money back. Bastard> I found out the ‘promotion’ I’d got at work was no longer available (foot/gut/thanks for the memories> I went to 2 funerals – fav > I had a dodgy smear test and for a while it was all like, oh my dayz, what is wrong with me, it’s life ending init, oh I am so dead. Had to have a biopsy on my cervix which was all of the pain> I didn’t get a job at Jimmy Choo that I super really wanted > I collapsed, ended up in A&E and made Dean think for a good 7 minutes that I’d exited this mortal coil (yeah I went blue. Smurf Jo)> I discovered aforementioned boy had shacked up with a 45 year old from work (safe brother, safe) & was in a Facebook relationship (grown up) a mere week after binning me. Hmmmmm>oh yeah, and our boiler packed up. That finished me off.
See what I mean? WHADDA SHOCKER.

June – September
Minus crying, a lot. Ha. Jokes. I picked myself up pretty quick sharp as it goes and hit the gym. I discovered the joys of The Body Coach, graduated and felt like a lean winner….go on then – here’s what I did

(Worth noting I don’t quite look like that at the moment because it’s December and I like bread again!)
We went to Edinburgh. Got abused for being English. Vowed never to return.

We went to Wildlife festival and shook our tic tacs – big time. I got hay fever for the first time and made the mistake of drinking with anti-histamines. Oh it was bad.

My best boy mate packed up his bags and buggered off travelling for 18 months. I cried some more.

We celebrated my bestests engagment party. It was the best day of the year. It was emosh. Proper emosh. More emosh the more gin we drunk. But at one point in the evening I turned round and saw a garden full of people that we’ve known for 15 years, sitting together and celebrating a real life changing moment. I made a speech. The groom to be nearly cried. It was THE BOMB.


Then my little Benji turned 30. The hula party broke me (ha! No comment) and we went off to Lille for 3 nights. I came back with suspected gout from the wine and cheese and Ben turned 30 in true, true style. Whilst hammered.

What else happened? Oh yeah. My blog made it onto the METRO…. I nearly died that day. Literally nearly collapsed on the floor (don’t worry Dean, not literally this time) when 42,000 people read my first ever article for them. I’m still writing for them. My own blog is flying and I actually, smush I know, feel really proud of myself. Really bloody proud.

September – November. 

The time came when the heartbreaking decision had to be made to move my little Nan, Joanie Brickell into a care home. It was gutting. Literally the worst. We all knew she couldn’t be on her own any more but watching my Mum & uncle have to push that button was wrenching. It’s taken some adjustment, numerous escape bids and many a sleepless night (mum worrying nan, us worrying about mum) but we’re getting there. And she’s settling in just a treat. Thank god.

I took the bull by the horns and FINALLY GOT A NEW JOB. Wahoo. After getting signed off with stress (low point alert) I thought ‘ya kna what, some stuff just aint worth it’.

The year had well and truly taken it’s toll and the job as it now was had whacked a final nail in the coffin. I took the two weeks & made my mind up that absof*kinglutely wasn’t going back to where I was 3 years ago all depressed and wound up and noise. I’m now a PA, I don’t work in fashion and you know what? I bloody love it.
I watched one of dearest mates get married in a ceremony that would have brought tears to the harshest of women. Lady Lachhar and her Gregory tied the knot in October in the phenomenal Babington House. We got dressed up, I wore a bindi, I danced all night and had dinner sitting opposite Eddie Izzard. Random. But amazing. Here’s to them two, and many happy years togther. Love you.

Then to round it off…I only went to bloody Japan didn’t I. A place I’ve wanted to go since a kid, and there I was, standing in Tokyo and thinking. Girl. You did it. I hung out with my best mate for two weeks, saw the most amazing stuff, took all my kit off in a hot spring and lived the dream.

I had a lot of time to think whilst I was out there. Long bullet train journeys, long flights, actual time to sit down and relax. A lot of time to realise that yes, this years chucked some serious bad shiz my way, but I still got to Japan. I didn’t flake. I didn’t fall down. I got on with it. I cried a lot but I got there! And saw this.


Now we’re here. I’m pleased to say that the year’s ending much better than it started out. New job, blogging like a demon, life changing holiday and a bit of a new attitude.
I’m a bit more ‘sod it’, a bit more carefree. Hopefully less worry and panic. Nobody wants another hospital visit do they!
I’m signing off now for the year. Cos well, I wanna go get merry, a bit fat, and sit down and work out where Lady London goes in 2016.
Thanks to each and everyone of you who’s been there to scrape me off the floor this year. To everyone that’s read the blog. To the Metro. To everyone that stopped me flying straight into a wall.
You know who you are but….

Mum (mate, how you do it I don’t know ), Bex, Laura, Sarah, Dean, Kate, Hannah, Josh & Ben

I love ya.

Merry Christmas kids. Over & out.



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