Are we all becoming a little bit disposable?

Without getting all deep & shit, I thought I’d write a piece that was less flippant. Less listy. Bit more from the heart and thought provoking.

Pah! Who am I kidding? I’ll try my hardest to drop the swear words and bullet points and try and make my point but I don’t fancy my chances!

The point I want to make today is about throwaway societies.

It’s a known fact that long gone are the days that we call out a repair man to mend a broken washing machine, we’d just hop down to Curry’s buy a new one and bin the one that probably just needed a good old clean. No more would we dream of sitting down one cold Saturday afternoon and trying to get to the bottom of the problem on our laptop, we’d just make do with a not-so-great one for a few months, wait for the sales and get ourselves a new’un. Or even worse bin one that’s in perfectly good order but not as pretty as it’s replacement model. We bin food before it’s actually gone off because the packet tells us too and we get through clothes like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s a way of life we’ve all grown accustomed to. We live in a world where there’s a helluva load of choice and we want to move on quickly to the next bigger and better thing.

Thing that worries me, is this.

Have we started to become throwaway with each other?

I heard a story today about a girl that went on a date with a lad from Tinder. Half an hour in, the sparks weren’t flying and he went to the loo. Lady X got out her phone, opened up her swipey app of joy and lined up another liaison for later that night. She finished her drinks, made her excuses, and moved on to the next.

The worst bit about that story was that I wasn’t even surprised. It was one of a long list of brutal dating stories I just keep on hearing. Where people are binning perfectly good working orders for the new pretty replacement.

Because they can, because it’s easy and because it’s quick.

Since when was that how we behaved? Since when we were we so desperate for the next bigger and better thing to come along that all common decency got thrown out of the window with our old fridge?

It’s sad that the days have gone that you’d give it a shot. Even if sparks weren’t flying for the first hour (because of nerves mainly), you’d stay for a few more drinks, or at least until you’d both finished eating, to see how you felt. Also the well mannered and decent human in you would just go home afterwards. Not out on another date!

I know I go on about it a lot, but the world of online dating is turning us into pretty fickle people and I’m not all that chuffed with it. If you’d put the time and effort into meeting someone when you were out in a bar (in the good old days when people spoke), more often than not, you used to make the time and effort to get to know them, and give it more than 45 minutes.

Nowadays, we make no effort. Our thumbs do the talking and because we’ve invested no time, we invest few morals.

We’re becoming disposable to each other and before long, if we carry on, we’ll have all run out of swipes. And we’ll turn round and realise that we’re all in the same dump, With all the perfectly good fridges. And perfectly good singletons.

And we’ll have to resort back to talking to each other face to face again.

LL x


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