Review Time – The London Cocktail Club

goodge street

So this Saturday was hen do night. My friend had a lovely dinner & drinks pre wedding celebration in The Charlotte Street Hotel, Fitzrovia. Civilised with only a dash of willy straws.

However, before heading into the hen harem, a few of us decide to pop for a quick late afternoon drink nearby.

Gladly we stumbled down the iron steps to the dark and dingy London Cocktail Club, Goodge Street.

goodge street 2

had to pinch this from because my camera wouldn’t work in the dark! joy.

To my surprise, before 7pm (even on a Saturday) they have a happy hour where all of their signature cocktails are 2 for £12, which for Fitzrovia is basically PoundShop prices. The staff are super friendly and really knowledgeable which helps.

I learnt from the lovely tattooed lady (sorry love, I didn’t catch your name) where the Porn Star Martini originated. You know what, I enjoy my drinking sessions being somewhat of a school day so I really appreciated her.

Two Porn Stars each and more salty popcorn than you can shake a stick at we were on our way. I’ll be honest, and bearing in mind I’ve really done the leg work, this is hands down the best Porn Star I’ve drunk in London. And I’ve got through more than is healthy.

Sip the prosecco, don’t shot it, because it’s actually not Cava like you find elsewhere.

You are left well alone but still attended to nicely. It’s snug. And private. And to be honest, is a perfect little date venue if you’re out for lunch and want a late afternoon drink. You feel like you’re sneaking around somewhere you shouldn’t be. Which is great.

Tip. If you’re looking to be there anytime after 6pm, book. Even it is two stalls at the bar. The place is tiny and you’re not going to enjoy it as much squished against a wall tipping Gin Collins down yourself.

Also, listen when they recommend a cocktail .They clearly know what they’re doing.

I’ll be back.

London Cocktail Club
61 Goodge Street



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