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I’m turning into my mother

Ever get them moments, when you catch yourself in the mirror and think 'my lord, I'm turning into my mother'? I've had about seven this week. Maybe it's a getting older thing, maybe it's a genetic thing, either way it's bloody scary. Here's my Mum. The delightful Sue Irwin. She's a treat. A tyrant, lippy… Continue reading I’m turning into my mother

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Review Time – The London Cocktail Club

So this Saturday was hen do night. My friend had a lovely dinner & drinks pre wedding celebration in The Charlotte Street Hotel, Fitzrovia. Civilised with only a dash of willy straws. However, before heading into the hen harem, a few of us decide to pop for a quick late afternoon drink nearby. Gladly we… Continue reading Review Time – The London Cocktail Club

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All the reasons that Brighton is fabulous

For those of you who know me, this post doesn't come as a surprise. I've been ending up in Brighton on Friday nights, for weekends away or just on a little whim for over ten years. I've seen my best mates skinny dip on the beach, my first ever love & I had our first… Continue reading All the reasons that Brighton is fabulous