My New Favourite Place In Soho – Trisha’s

How I’ve missed this place for the 26 years on this planet, I’ll never know. 
Welcome to Trisha’s. 
Sometimes called The Blue Door.
Sometimes called New Evaristo Club.
Sometimes called That Little Place On Greek Street That Nobody Knows The Name Of. 
Behind the little blue door on Greek Street, Soho lives an underground drinking lair that makes you feel like you are part of a really special little gang. The place doesn’t look like it’s been touched since it opened in 1940-something and it’s charm hits you like a strong scotch.
It’s dark, the bar looks like the side board in someone’s kitchen and you’ve got to walk through the loos to get outside for a smoke. You feel like you’re at home. Or the home of one of your best mate’s Mum’s who’s been on the lash for 60 years. 
Even the light switch is just on the wall like it would be if you were indoors. Word for the wise tho, don’t turn it on. That doesn’t go down well.
It’s chintzy, it plays Frank Sinatra and the landlady still sits at the end of the bar. 
Drinks are cheap for Soho. £15 for a bottle of decent red. £4ish for a spirit and a mixer. And the bloke behind the bar is the friendliest guy you’ll come across. 
But most importantly, you feel like you are part of a really exclusive club. And that you’ve been let in to a brilliant little secret. 
The doorman is a hero, they sell Walkers and the toilets are nice & clean, again like you’d expect in someone’s house. 
It’s free to get in on school nights, and only £2 entry on a Friday and a Saturday.
Get yourselves down there…we loved it last night. 

 3dx, 57 Greek St, London W1D 3DX

 A must. 

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