So this is my Nan. The delectable Joanie Louie Brickell. Yep, she's wearing my sunglasses and doing her finest Stevie Wonder impression.¬†18 months ago this strong-willed, fiesty woman began to fade a bit. Her memory was dropping in and out and simple day to day things started to become really hard work for her. Our … Continue reading Nan



So, if you're on Instagram, you will have no doubt heard about The Body Coach. You know the cockney, curly haired absolute sort that screams about midget trees and getting 'Uncle B...IN THE MIKE'...all whilst handily not wearing many clothes. Decent marketing tool that, not going to lie. He sings songs off his balcony and … Continue reading Diets

Girls vs. Blokes

We were chatting in the office last week about how differently girls and blokes react to things. It centered around seeing new people and girls in the office moaning about blokes not texting back/ doing a runner/generally being annoying. We spoke about the pickle we can get ourselves in over the smallest little thing and … Continue reading Girls vs. Blokes