And for some light amusement, here’s a few of the stupidest & most ridiculous things I have overheard this week. 
Girl 1: What are potato wedges?
Girl 2: You know….wedges
Train Driver: The next station is Streatham Hill.
Woman A: Excuse me, does this train go to Streatham Hill?
‘Because, I know what a black coffee is, but what’s a white coffee. Like, how would I make that?’
Man A: Snapchatting is only good for naked shit really.
Man B: True story. 
Woman: But I put a weekly travel card on this last Tuesday for crying out loud, why won’t it let me through?
TFL Worker: Because it’s Wednesday 
‘Yeah, I mean, granted I asked him to sleep in my bed, but I really think like he overstepped the mark, don’t you?’
Man Standing Outside Brixton Tube Station: Yeah, no totally running on time, just got out at Oxford Circus mate, see you in a second. 
‘No it was a good deal really. It was like one for three quid, or two for six so I just got the two. Cheaper that way’.
LL x

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