Lady London Lands

So here it is, after years of thinking about it, going to do it, and plain chickening out…it’s here.
The Lady London blog.
After many a year, I’ve decided to put my English A-Level and my useless knowledge of this fantastic town to good use.
I aim to feature lifestyle articles ranging from the joys & woes of boys to the amount of hours I’ve spent crying that if I was to now enter X Factor, I’d be an over! The perils of internet dating and the joys that can be found in a Pret croissant. The evil that is What’sApp and the power of a misused piece of punctuation.
I want to review my favourite bars, my new eats, and those random little galleries that I walk past and never walk into.
I will write about all things fantastic about emerging young talent in the city. Comedians, designers, change makers. Whatever you’re doing, I want to shout about it.
The best markets, the best new shops, the best eats, drinks, laughs & dates.
Lady London is here.
And she’s planning on taking this town by storm.
One blog at a time.
LL x

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